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Behind The Wardrobe Gallery of the Lower Silesian Division of ZPAF

was established in 2003 on the initiative of the Lower Silesian District of the Association of Polish Art Photographers in cooperation with professor Elzbieta Wernio. The gallery is located in the historic center of Cathedral Island, in no. 4 Sw. Marcina Street.  It is also the seat of the Lower Silesian District of ZPAF.

The gallery was established in order to meet the statutory objectives of ZPAF and to develop its potential as a culture-forming center. The Gallery’s framework program includes the possibility of showcasing the creative work of ZPAF members or candidates for membership in ZPAF, as well as the promotion of non-affiliated artists who demonstrate artistic maturity in the field of photography.

Initially, the gallery’s activities focused around exhibitions that alternated between photography and other art disciplines. These exhibitions were curated by professor E. Wernio. Since 2009 the gallery has been run by Krzysztof Kowalski and exhibitions have been limited to photography. In the years 2014-2020, the person responsible for designing leaflets and posters for all exhibitions was Stanisław Kulawiak. Over the years, visitors have witnessed individual and collective exhibitions (despite the small area) of mature artists as well as up-and-coming young photographers. The gallery organizes about 11 exhibitions every year.

Artistic and program board:
Krzysztof Kowalski, Stanisław Kulawiak, Michał Pietrzak